Cuckold’s Plight two

Director Kayden Kross returns to the planet of the cuckold kink with 4 new stories in Cuckold’s Plight two featuring some of the industry’s most well-known talent. For individuals not in the know, cuckolding is a term employed to describe a scenario in which a companion (typically the husband or boyfriend) is forced to observe his wife/girlfriend be fucked by another guy. There’s anything fascinating about watching your female be pleasured by another, far more virile guy, and films like this check out that fantasy in depth. The stories are extreme and the cast is leading-notch, as well as varied. I consider the strongest issue in this movie is the volume of energy that rests with the girls, and how they apply that energy to their individual situations. Irrespective of what actions the audience is seeing onscreen, every single female character in the movie is picking the exact path to sexual pleasure they want.

Rocky Emerson and Mick Blue:

Leggy brunette Rocky Emerson is dissatisfied with her sexual partnership with Mick Blue, who spends all his time operating and not paying focus to her. The scene opens with somebody leaving her naked in bed, generating a cup of coffee and exiting the hotel space. Rocky drags herself out of bed, clearly unsatisfied, and disposes of the employed condom on the floor.

Later that evening, Mick returns to the hotel and Rocky begs him to do anything with her, but he cites fatigue and opts instead to consider a shower and have a soothing cup of coffee. But when Mick notices somebody has drank the coffee although he was out (it cannot be Rocky, simply because she doesn’t drink coffee) his extended-standing suspicions rear their head. Totally distraught at the thought of Rocky cheating on him, Mick laments almost everything about their partnership, although Rocky uses her sexual wiles to seduce Mick into bed, assuring him that practically nothing is going on.

The complete encounter drips with manipulation and aggravation, as Mick continually tries to cost-free himself from Rocky’s temptations although Rocky relentlessly seduces Mick and breaks his resolve by giving him her body. The stress among them is electric and the shifting energy dynamic among them is really well carried out. The way Mick shoves Rocky away consistently at the commence, the way she calls him back to her simply by opening her lithe, tattooed body … the way he passes the energy to her unwittingly as he succumbs to her advances … it’s all excellent work.

The highlight of the sex is by far the missionary in which he folds Rocky’s leg to the side and cradles her face as he thrusts into her desperately. The scene ends with Rocky, pleased not only at having gotten away with infidelity, but gotten specifically what she’d been craving from Mick as well.

Charlotte Sartre and Seth Gamble:

Seth Gamble wakes up in a chair in his hotel space, hands cuffed behind his back and unaware what happened. Desperate, he calls his ex-wife Charlotte Sartre to come cost-free him. She reluctantly agrees, but instead of leaving Seth to stew in his embarrassment afterwards, she sticks all around to taunt him. She makes it clear that she is aware of he hired a domme in the hopes of seducing her. Charlotte is aware of he will get off on the challenge, and his fragile manhood has been shattered by the fact that this female he meant to subdue actually outmaneuvered him and left him helpless on the battlefield.

Her taunting drives Seth over the edge and he pounces on her like a predator at the culmination of a effective hunt. Seth is aggressive and merciless as he pounds Charlotte every single which way, exacting his revenge for his defeat at the hands of the domme on his antagonistic ex-wife. The sex is extreme and has a strong duality to it. For Seth, it’s all about recapturing and asserting his dominance although Charlotte is reveling in the sexual fervor of becoming employed by her former husband. Each performers perform this narrative perfectly, and the anal creampie climax is the best ending for this story.

Gianna Dior, Jax Slayher and Seth Gamble:

I truly liked the fact that the movie presents the “sequel” initial. There was no genuine purpose for it other than to generate narrative stress, but it certainly designed narrative stress! Going back in time to see how Seth Gamble found himself in the circumstance he was in, was a excellent storytelling decision. Gianna Dior is stoic, callous and dismissive of almost everything about Seth. She informs him that practically nothing about what’s about to come about is for him, but rather for her. As Seth starts to caress Gianna’s body hungrily, the audience can really feel his anticipation, and the music accompanying the sequence heightens the feeling exponentially.

Then, out of nowhere, Gianna rips the proverbial rug out from each Seth and the audience by handcuffing and blindfolding him, sitting him in a chair and bringing in stud Jax Slayher to give her the massive cock she told Seth she was craving. Stunned and humiliated, Seth demands to be freed, but to no avail. Slayher pumps Dior deep and passionately, specially although laying on leading of her from behind. What a attractive place! The way he whispered in her ear although she looked at a pitiful Seth cuffed in the chair? The way he folded her up in a total nelson like origami? Ideal fantasy perform. Afterwards, Gianna removes Seth’s blindfold (leaving his cuffs intact), making it possible for him to see her gloriously nude, cum-soaked, untouchable body, taking her massive payment, then leaving.

Lacy Lennon and Isiah Maxwell:

What an sudden opening for this one! We open with the luscious Lacy Lennon smothering a meek man’s face with her feet smugly although he begs for far more. In a departure from the other tales in the movie, Lacy narrates her circumstance to the audience, explaining to us how a female controls a guy, and the specific weakness of this distinct guy (a classic vehicle he affectionately calls Child Blue). Since of the worth he places in his vehicle, Lacy chooses that really vehicle to fuck the handsome Isiah Maxwell.

When the cuck arrives and provides a meager protest, Maxwell tapes his hands and mouth and dumps him unceremoniously into the trunk where he can “witness” all the ways his valuable vehicle is about to be defiled. Lacy is this kind of a enjoyable observe. Viewing her quiver with ecstasy as Maxwell munches on her box is amazing, and the way her slender frame looks gyrating on his dick is excellent.

The creamy finish is not only sizzling, but builds on the complete cuck fantasy. Situation in stage, after fucking all over the cuck’s vehicle and having her pussy filled with Maxwell’s seed, she struts all around to the trunk, opens it and scoffs, “Are you gonna clean this out or what?” to the poor guy. 1 can only guess at what she indicates, but it’s possibly anything emasculating.

The planet of cuckolding is anything not usually broached in the porn I observe. It was nice to see this topic matter handled in a way that included far more depth than just a poor sap watching some giant guy fuck his female to pieces. I was specially impressed with the opening scene, simply because Mick Blue finds himself in a cuck circumstance with no actually having the other guy current. I thought that was a really distinctive consider on the genre and I applaud Kross’ creativity. I also truly liked the middle story’s presentation. Splitting it into two episodes and presenting the falling action of the story before the climax was a really intriguing decision that truly worked for me. Good work by everyone involved, and supporters should discover themselves really pleased incorporating this to their collections.

How Females Orgasm

Bree Mills explores the world of masturbation by means of her singularly creative lens with a restricted docu-series ‘How Women Orgasm‘  on AdultTime that gets candid with current performers on the topic of self-love.

The topic of the female orgasm has been a subject of discussion in chat rooms, bars, letters and each and every other conceivable medium for generations. Component of our fascination with this normal phenomenon stems from the oppression ladies have endured in society for many years, as sexuality has extended been a topic of constant debate in regards to ladies. The conversations typically have a tendency to finish with a consensus that a lot of of us, males and ladies integrated, don’t realize how ladies obtain orgasm, what it feels like or what it appears like.

With this series, Bree Mills asks 5 ladies all the queries you have ever wished to know about masturbation from the female point of view, and it’s a refreshing appear at sex by means of their eyes of heterosexual males who so typically can only guess at what the expertise is like.

Each and every episode commences with an interview portion that covers topics ranging from their very first masturbatory expertise, to the strategies used and overcoming feelings of shame surrounding the act. Each and every woman’s story is distinctive and honest, and warmly conversational. Projects like this respect the agency of ladies while also enabling males to consider portion in the conversation, and the finish result is an authentic, erotic expertise for everyone concerned.

Jane Wilde:

I love the reality that Wilde is sans make-up outside of lip gloss. This is this kind of a tone setter. It is no secret that porn is selling a fantasy, and that fantasy typically involves stars made up to appear like idealized versions of themselves. Sometimes, that fantasy is the performer’s selection, but other times it’s to feed the fantasy of the audience (or what an algorithm considers top quality).

Here, Jane shares her all-normal self with the audience, just as she shares her normal orgasm. As promised by the star throughout the interview portion, her orgasm doesn’t consider extended, but it’s so individual, so true and surprisingly quiet. If you are a regular porn watcher, you’re probably accustomed to the ladies screaming and moaning like banshees as they cum, but right here, it’s mainly quiet moans and breathing.

Mills employs three cameras to capture the action and alternates between a tri-view and close-ups. Wilde gets extremely wet, but the vast majority of the action is naturally obscured by the Hitachi wand she employs on herself. No crazy visual penetration right here, as she keeps that want firmly pressed towards her pussy from begin to finish and lets it operate its magic on her. It is a lovely sequence.

Dee Williams:

“It’s never ever silly to do items that make you feel loved.” What a amazing quote from Dee Williams that is so relevant to not only the female sexual expertise, but really anyone’s. We so typically shame individuals for performing items that make them feel good, and Dee’s message is that this practice ought to not exist and wants to finish.

Dee is a fingers woman who revels in the idea of being watched (she mentions it in the interview portion and that kink plays out as she pleasures herself) and her fingers expertly navigate her “downstairs” (as she calls it). Her strategy appears a lot like what you see in porn with a hefty emphasis on circular rubbing appropriate on her clit. Towards the finish, she pulls out a toy that immediately sends her in excess of the sopping wet edge and everyone on the crew just marvels at the intensity of the moment.

Whitney Wright:

Whitney shares her struggle coming to terms with masturbation due to her Christian upbringing. She reveals that while it felt good, there was one thing ingrained in her that informed her to be fearful of receiving caught due to the fact she “knew” she was performing one thing “wrong.” It is a really raw admission on her portion and is a reality that so a lot of ladies probably share.

This kind of admissions can be so effective and let individuals who share that expertise know they are not alone. Once more, the power of female agency is on show with this venture. In line with the interview portion of this sequence, it’s no shock that Whitney commences out with (and stays with), a vibrator.

There is a reality to her expertise that the audience gets the possibility to empathize with provided what we know of Whitney’s background and that tends to make the sex she shares on camera significantly much more impactful. It is like watching her consider a victory lap in excess of the sexual oppression she endured in her formative many years.

Jay Taylor:

Jay talks a lot about her expertise with water and this isn’t the very first time I’ve heard faucets being the go-to motor vehicle for female self-pleasure. Jay as well, felt the require to hide what she was performing early in life as she reveals she was typically caught and punished for masturbating. Once more, a actuality that probably speaks to a lot of ladies out there.

Jay chooses to use a Hitachi wand and a vibrator in tandem and the benefits are quietly explosive. Jay rocks her hips a lot and tends to let the wand operate on the hood of her pussy rather than right on her clit. The sensations cause Jay to snarl and cross-eye her way to ecstasy and it’s a great example of how varied and extreme masturbation for ladies can be.

Jenna Foxx:

Jenna recounts a hilarious story about masturbation and Icy Scorching that will probably resonate with a lot of individuals. It is a really true way for her segment to open. She beams and laughs all through the interview as she recounts her experiences, and it feels like she is talking to a group of previous pals who are reminiscing about previous tales of youthful, sexual exuberance.

The distinctive point about this sequence is the reality that at the time of shooting this film, Jenna hadn’t masturbated in a extended time. The audience hence gets to witness Jenna’s return to self-love right after a lengthy hiatus and I’m particular a lot of who share that actuality will locate the freedom with which she embraces her moment fairly liberating. I believed it was really fascinating that even though Jenna states she prefers to use her wand (due to the fact it’s quick and she can effortlessly get a couple of orgasms from it), she opted to use her fingers solely right here. Still, her climax is soft, sensual and intoxicating.

This was this kind of a excellent movie. Seeing ladies be themselves, talking about the freedom and pleasure that comes with masturbating, then sharing that ecstasy with the camera was a great expertise. There is a significantly bigger conversation that could have been had with these ladies on this topic, but this was a fabulous begin. I applaud Bree Mills for bringing an idea like this to life in this kind of a fashion, enabling ladies to speak their reality to power. I can’t advise this sufficient to ladies and males alike, irrespective of your sexual preference, due to the fact it is by means of experiences like this that we can all locate our own path to discovering our sexual truths.

Married With Boyfriends two

3 cougars (all, curiously adequate, tastily aged at 29) and one MILF (at the “older-and-bolder” state of 39 many years) present what marvelously randy sluts they are in these hotwife stories from New Sensations, where husbands happily allow male pals or strangers hump their excellentseeking, sexually voracious wives.

29-yearold Alexis Zara will get the balling rolling with this killer quartet of “Married With Boyfriends” babes, right here receiving down and dirty with her hubby’s bud, in the type of James Deen the two horny gluttons beginning with no the husband getting there (though he apparently is conscious of their rendezvous and is all for it) with attractive-as-hell brunette Zara loving it when her encounter is furiously fucked whilst that juicy ass look remarkable in the doggie and cowgirl positions, as effectively as reverse-cowgirl, the latter filmed far more from Deen’s place, so you get a lot of that bodacious booty. And check out how her pussy has a web-like good quality to it, actually grabbing hold of Deeno-dick like a suction cup. I also like how she provides a lot of eye speak to during doggie, whilst she will get it in the eye (her left one to be actual) when Deeno erupts guy-juice (ker-pow!) all over her puss.

One particular of my favorite gals of this great deal of sizzling slots, Ashley Lane (29, from Maryland), is a fair lass with one remarkable body — and a pretty doggone fantastic encounterright here enjoying a wife (all magnificently decked out in black lingerie) giving it up to her “boyfriend”/husband’s buddy, played by Jason Moody, who takes “charge” of this submissive, horny specimen of pleasure in one scalding sequence, indeed. Ash is an excellent cocksuckette, going balls-deep and actually gagging (hands behind her back) on Moody-meat. I really like her facial expressions of ecstasy during missionary, whilst her ass is out of this world during doggie, her butt mouthwateringly hanging from the edge of a chair, with our girl squirting all over Jason’s dick as he savagely drills her (whew!) whilst cowgirl lets her be far more in charge, grinding all over that raging challenging-on, her eyes rolling into her head from getting so damn turned on, whilst her ass cheeks cascade and, at one point, she even screams with passion. Ash also will get righteously doggied whilst standing, Jake sooner or later generating her get on her knees to suck him to climax, his jizz blasting all over her hair, forehead and eyeballs. “Thank you, sir,” she tells him. “Will you inform my husband I’ve been a great slut?” Yeah! We positive will, Ash!

Up coming, our marvy MILF in the house, New Jersey vixen Cory Chase (39), will get slammed silly by Euro vine-swinger Ramon Nomar whilst hubby is out — but far from unaware of the torrid tete-a-tete taking location — with the perverted pairing taking place just prior to a Christmas celebration at Cory’s location Ramon even bearing gifts (and not just his blood-swollen pud). This sequence may possibly, truly, have the most intense encounter-fucking session, with Cor actually gagging deep on that Ram-rod (“I want you to shove my encounter on it,” she begs him, and boy does he), with a lot of saliva outpourings (“It’s delightful,” she moans). I like how Ramon also takes charge of the submissive gal during cowgirl, whilst she actually ride him during reverse-cowgirl, with Mr. Nom — and occasionally Chase herself — maniacally rubbing the slattern’s clit to climax, just prior to that pulsing knob reaches the point of burst, squirting all over the seemingly insatiable woman’s mouth, chin and tits. Great present, Mr. Nomar!

Lastly, we have yet another one of my faves in this fierce foursome of freaky foxes, 29-yearold LaSiren69, who graces the DVD boxcover for damn great purpose, what with her distinctiveseeking encounter, ideal tits and juicy ass right here receiving heatedly humped for the 1st time in our hotwife story by fortunate Zac Wild. To break the ice amongst he and Siren, Zac provides her an oily massage (yeowza!), with Siren seeking oh so dreamy (as in fucking aroused!) as he explores her curves and crevasses with his probing hands, her tits sooner or later receiving a load of oil, prior to the sucking commences with Siren actually gaggin’ oh so delightfully on that Zac-bone. She rocks! It is a movie highlight! Ditto for doggie with Sy, whose effectively-greased ass cheeks look awesome as Wild lbs away. Her excellent tits are in total show during missionary, as our Wildman chokes and hammers her. Then we have the best displaying of Siren’s decision cheeks during cowgirl our girl screaming, “I’m gonna come! Don’t stop!” Look at individuals butt cakes bounce! I also like Sy’s squatting action during reverse-cowgirl, as she squeals with passion. She in addition has really the succulent snatch, effectively shown off during missionary. And check out the wickedly smirking whore get a load o’ liquid lust on her nose, forehead, and eyes, generating her provocative mug look the encounter on a melting waxwork. Brilliant!

One particular babe soon after yet another shows what a correct sex fiend she is in this effectively-directed super sequel/scrumptious smorgasbord of flesh from Eddie Powell and New Sensations, with especially high factors going to luscious Ashley Lane and juicy-as-fuck LaSiren69. Absolutely worth a looksee.

Young Fantasies 5

1 delectable vixen after an additional (and sometimes two at the same time!) dreamily provide dirty deeds in this fab fifth volume of the hellaciously horny series from

We start with a main winner in the form of the extremely luscious Mia Melano, right here getting intensely probed — through tongue and torpedo — by veteran stud Derrick Pierce. Except for one scene, all of these “Young Fantasies” are redoubtably directed by the experienced Laurent Sky and, hey, with a main babe like Mia, you just can not go incorrect. But Sky is a director who truly will get the most outta Mama Mia. Aside from being stunning from head to toe, Melano is aware of her way close to a meat-puppet, very first providing Derrick one passionate bj. And viewing Melano’s huge, all-all-natural melons circulate while Pierce eats her out is rather arousing. Mia, of course, never ever puts in a bad position, but with that killer ass on her, the very best segments for me are doggie and cowgirl, however reverse-cowgirl and missionary let you additional discover her remarkable entire body, such as excellent breasts and flawless encounter, the latter soon romantically streaked with splatter when Derrick deposits really like liquid all above it. Yeah!

Lexie Fox is a cutie who seems scrumptious, right here getting it on with her professor, played by the semenly ubiquitous Mick Blue superb moments such as a ferocious encounter-fucking as Lexie wears a blindfold, which she sooner or later (very good!) will take off so we can take pleasure in that sweet-hunting mug Lexie losing herself for the duration of each reverse-cowgirl and (particularly) cowgirl and Fox loving the frosting McDick delivers (“Please come on my encounter, professor!” she moans. “Please! I’m begging you! Please do it”) all above her fresh puss (“Ummm! So dirty!” she purrs, as her lips, teeth and tongue are totally whitewashed with joint-juice). Whew!

The only scene in this volume directed by Julia Grandi is an epic one, featuring ultra-babe Naomi Swann (a real favored) and brown-haired pixie Talia Mint, each getting critically skewered by truly fortunate pud-packer Alberto Blanco, with the scorching sex brilliantly unfolding before an extremely picturesque backdrop of an ocean (somewhere across this huge ol’ globe), as the 3 pervs roll close to on a mattress. Highlights contain a fluid-drenched double-suck of Blanco-boner juicy-assed Swann grinding away on Alberto-shaft for the duration of cowgirl Swann taking it doggie (wowie!), while she gorges on Mint muff, with Talia coming close to and licking Naomi’s anus as Blanco continues to bang away, with the reverse taking place, this time Mint getting doggied while Swann sluttily switches among sucking dick and dunghole, Swann soon moving close to so that the beaming Mint can suck on Swann slit and each ladies taking Blanco batter onto their faces, then ever so delightfully sharing the spurtings with one an additional. Damn!

And we end with very the volcanic interracial threesome, as beauties Nia Nacci and Honey Gold suck and fuck Johnny Sins’ sword down to ashes grand moments being our foxes blowing Johnny joint with each other and separately Nia getting pounded reverse-cowgirl, with her remarkable tits flowing up and down as Honey will get that Nacci nookie very good and slick with spit Honey (and her butt cheeks) going wild for the duration of cowgirl Nacci hunting like she’s in an additional world for the duration of her missionary reaming and Honey getting crazily doggie-slammed (look at those patty cakes fly and that sweat just ooze outta this hottie), before Sins blows man-paste all above their scrumptious-hunting faces. Geez!

Absolutely nothing short of apocalyptic in terms of the sucking and fucking unfolding during, “Young Fantasies 5” is excellent for each exploring couples and hardcore viewers, considering that the scenes are tastefully shot, the ladies look remarkable, while they carry out in the sack like absolute nymphos. Get it!

Joslyn Jane Returns to DickDrainers in Dreamlike Scene

MIAMI — Joslyn Jane stars in’s latest B/G scene, “Nasty Nurse Joslyn Tends to make Everything Truly feel Far better!” available now by means of their web site.

“The statuesque blonde star has the cure for what ails ya,” stated firm rep Richard D. Rainer. “But is she the real life? Or is she just fantasy? A bedridden and delirious Branden Richards might be caught in a landslide, and there is no escape from actuality.”

“You see, he might or might not have dreamed up his busty caregiver,” Rainer elaborated.

“Working with Joslyn is constantly great but this one was on another level,” stated Richards about the scene. “I did not assume Joslyn to get so nasty in this scene so it was certainly a pleasant shock, one that the supporters will take pleasure in. Tons much more coming with us!”

Jane concurred. “I had so considerably enjoyable shooting this scene,” she raved. “I actually take pleasure in undertaking distinct types of roleplay scenes. I constantly really like functioning with Branden, and I believe the supporters are actually going to really like this one!”

Ricky Greenwood Directs 1st Characteristic for MissaX

LOS ANGELES — Aiden Ashley and Seth Gamble, the reigning XBIZ winner for Male Performer of the Yr, star in the forthcoming erotic thriller “Killer on the Loose” for director Ricky Greenwood‘s initial function for MissaX. The title is set for digital release in August.

“Professor Peterson (Gamble), sits in a dark, damp cell in prison,” reads the promotional tease. “There is a killer on the loose and detective Clara (Ashley) knows the professor holds the important to discovering the culprit. The professor exchanges hints for his personal entertainment as he manipulates and seduces Clara.”

Vanna Bardot and Kenzie Taylor fill out the cast, even though the male talent involves Dante Colle, Stirling Cooper and Codey Steele.

“‘Killer on the Loose’ is Ricky Greenwood’s quite initial function for us and we hope it will be the initial of a lot of,” Missa X told XBIZ. “The story is written by Maddy Barton and Ricky and has been in the works since February. Ricky and I have had a lot of months dreaming about how to execute this story, and we are so thrilled to present it to members.”

Gamble enthused about the chance to stretch his acting muscles once again.

“This was my initial film back right after a extended time out of work,” he told XBIZ. “When Ricky sent me the script, it would be an understatement to say I was thrilled. I loved playing this character, putting my spin on him, and I am grateful that Ricky and Missa gave me the chance to do so.”

Functioning with Aiden was remarkable this was our initial time doing work collectively,” he continued. “She is an amazing actress and performer. I am lucky to have been ready to work on this movie. From a excellent cast, crew, and a director like Ricky Greenwood, this is 1 you never want to miss.”

Victoria Voxxx Co-Stars in Sweet Sinner’s ‘Obsessed’

Victoria Voxxx co-stars in “Obsessed,” Sweet Sinner’s latest release, directed by Jacky St. James.

“Victoria’s rise to stardom has been an incredible journey of hard operate and participation in persistently excellent tasks like this one,” explained a rep.

Voxxx said she “loved working with Jacky, she is inspiring to be on set with and I cannot wait to operate together once again quickly.”

“Her characters constantly give me a possibility to be someone I never got the possibility to be, and I’m constantly thankful for the opportunity,” she extra.

Director David Perry Returns to Evil Angel With ‘Anal Virtue’

Filmmaker David Perry returns to Evil Angel with “Anal Virtue,” toplined by Rose Delight with Stacy Bloom, Tina Kay and Cherry Kiss. The title, Perry’s first for the studio in 4 years, is offered now in all formats.

Perry also made and carried out in “Anal Virtue,” which he shot in his hometown of Budapest. Male talent consists of Vince Carter and Yanick Shaft.

Evil Angel founder John Stagliano described the title as “cutting-edge, challenging Euro sex with remarkable beauties. Rose Delight is innocence-undertaking-nasty with a tight body, and she follows David into extreme, challenging sex. Cherry Kiss is bombshell sexy, and Tina Kay is stunningly lovely and perverse.”

Perry enthused about his foremost women.

Pretty blonde Rose [gave] an outstanding overall performance and allow me give her a lot of anal orgasms,” he stated. “Beautiful brunette Tina and remarkable Cherry have been my need to-have women for ‘Anal Virtue.’ It was a true pleasure to have them and to appreciate their never-ending sex drive, realness and pleasure in receiving fucked. To finish off, I gave Stacy a possibility to perform a part. She wanted to totally express her sexual need.”

Dee Siren Releases Self-Developed Scene on Adult Time

Independent articles creator Dee Siren has launched a self-made clip for the newly launched Model Time channel on AdultTime.

Dee Siren and Wayne Siren wrote, made and star in the new clip, titled “Sharing the Hot Wife.”

“Dee plays the part of a wife ready to embark on a wild night of lovemaking,” a rep explained. “After seductively dressing in her sexiest attire, she’s off for an erotic experience with one of her lovers. Not wanting to depart her husband out of the equation, she video-calls him for a front-row seat of the sizzling intercourse that is about to consider area.”

The clip presents “an thrilling new phase” in their careers, said the rep.

Adult Time is a international brand, and having our function featured on their internet site is a phenomenal encounter,” enthused Dee Siren. “Wayne and I came up with a entertaining and sexy idea that would be familiar to our supporters, but nevertheless special ample to stand on its personal. I feel Adult Time consumers are going to really like the video and will want to see more from us.”

Wicked Releases Specific ‘At Home’ Edition of ‘Jessica’s FANtasies’

Wicked Pictures has announced the release of a special “at home” edition of Jessica Drake’s “docu-sodic” series “Jessica’s FANtasies,” exclusively to members.

“This 4K immersive encounter is a new venture for Wicked in both material and style,” said a rep. “This hybrid documentary/episodic series provides members throughout the world with an intimate appear at the lifestyle of its charismatic star — and offers her fanbase a voice in the original material she generates.”

In keeping with Wicked’s dedication to wellness, wellness and safety in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rep continued, the newest episode of “Jessica’s FANtasies” is a solo masturbation production featuring Drake in a “bad girl” situation voted on by supporters in social media and on’s interactive forum.

“I’ve been so eager to shoot the up coming episode of ‘FANtasies,'” enthused Drake. “Performing something so fan-interactive has been so considerably exciting, and in the course of these instances of isolation, I feel it’s even more critical.”

“For my third episode,” Drake continued, “I’m a undesirable girl by request, and the scene is so sizzling. The complete episode offers you great behind-the-scenes coverage, a pre-scene interview and then a non-end undesirable girl, solo masturbation, amazing anal play, plus JOI for the grand finale. I hope everyone is as pleased as I was that day.”

“Jessica’s FANtasies” is part of Wicked’s growth into “couples intimacy” branding, which also includes Brad Armstrong’s ambitious “PORN: The Series,” “Jessica Drake’s Guidebook to Wicked Intercourse,” Wicked Comix, Wicked Fairy Tales, Wicked Passions, and acclaimed ventures like the Wicked Sensual Care collection of lubricants and enhancers.